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Vanilla Cardamom Roasted Squash Seeds

Vanilla Cardamom Roasted Squash Seeds

It’s early November and still roasting pumpkin seeds here! I saw the last remnants of pie pumpkins available at New Seasons this last weekend. Which is by far my favorite grocery store in the PNW. So of course I bought them even though that was 

Vegan Spicy Nacho Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

Ok. I’m sad to say but pumpkin season is finally coming to a close here. I’m pretty sure that goes for most if not all of North America. I was at the grocery store last night and saw the huge bin of pie pumpkins at 

Spicy Maple and Rosemary Roasted Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

Are you looking for a sweet spicy pumpkin seed recipe that is a little different? Or how about a simple treat that doesn’t have any cane sugar in it? Thanksgiving is about a week away! How the time does fly! Parties and family get-togethers are 

Spicy Maple Pumpkin Seeds Recipe

Got plans this weekend to get that pumpkin carved for Halloween? Or if you have, are you looking for a good way to turn those pumpkin seeds into an awesome snack the whole family can enjoy? We are down to the wire. Halloween less than