Oat & Epsom Salt Sc​rub Recipe (and Soak)

Oat & Epsom Salt Sc​rub Recipe (and Soak)

Are you looking for a salt scrub recipe that is gentle enough for even sensitive skin? How about a nice simple soak? Want one that can do both?

I’ve got a very easy salt scrub recipe that can double as a soak. It’s vegan, all-natural, and completely zero waste (if you have access to a bulk section). So I’m excited to share with you my Oat and Epsom Salt Scrub and Soak. This simple skincare product really can do wonders for skin, face, and mood. It exfoliates the skin to remove dead cells and other buildup leaving your skin smooth and youthful. But that’s not all! It can also be used to relieve tense muscles and relax away stress.

Sure, you could spend anywhere between $8 to $30 on a body scrub and $8 to $40 on a bath soak. Or you could make one that does both at a fraction of the price. And since the ingredients are natural, it is better for the environment too. And chances are you already have the ingredients in your house!

Are you looking for a cheap gift idea?

This salt scrub recipe would be an excellent gift for friends and family. And it would take you less than 30 minutes to make.

So let’s get started!

A Eureka in the Bathtub, Literally

I didn’t see the value in salt or sugar scrubs for years until I received one as gift. It was something she had bought me at Bath and Body Works. The funny thing is that the scrub sat in my bathroom for another year before I even decided to use it. I’ve always been hesitant to try things like this for most of my life.

For one thing, the women in my family never used them. It was never a standard bath product I’d see in the shower growing up. So I just thought they were another one of those frivolous items that had no real benefit. Mind you, not that there is anything wrong with it. It’s just not how I roll. Second, I’ve always had sensitive skin and the idea of using something abrasive just didn’t seem like a good idea.

photo of both the scrub (left) and soak (right)

When I finally decided to use that scrub, I did notice how much smoother my skin looked afterward. It looked better. It felt better. And I just enjoyed the experience of doing something novel. Apparently it is how I roll after all.

However, I looked at the list of ingredients in it and threw the rest of it away. Half the list was filled with those really long chemistry words you can’t even pronounce let alone identify. To me, that is always a bad sign. So I started doing what I always do in that situation, I did some research.

And what I found was that you didn’t need very much to make a scrub at home. At the most basic level, a homemade salt scrub recipe just needs two things: a fine salt and an oil. That’s it. And you can use stuff you probably already have in your kitchen.

The soak idea came later. I discovered the wonderful benefits of salt soaks while I was in martial arts. Believe me, you come away with injuries and pains that you wouldn’t expect or even know how you got. So I started taking Epsom salt baths pretty regularly to help with this.

While taking one of those baths, I was using a scrub to massage my feet and calves. And it got me thinking how awesome and easy it would be if you could combine the two. Use the scrub while taking a bath and let the scrub dissolve into the water and now you’ve got a soak too. Just be careful getting out of the tub!

[ Enter oat and Epsom salt bath scrub stage right ]

A eureka in the bathtub, literally.

Pampering & Why You Should Do It

As I stated before, I never starting using scrubs or soaks for a really long time. I just thought they were unnecessary. Little did I know. Holistically, a simple salt scrub or soak can have lasting effects on our overall wellness.

Benefits of Scrubs

Chances are you have been using scrubs for a long time now.

But you do know why you should be using them?

Sure, we all know scrubs exfoliate the skin to remove buildup and dead skin cells but that isn’t the only thing they do.

  • Body and face scrubs also increase blood circulation and lymphatic system which helps encourage new skin cells, breaks down fatty tissues, and breaks down and drains toxins from the skin.
  • They clear out blocked pores and ingrown hairs, reduce dark blemishes and pigmentation, remove flaky and dry skin, and even make you tan better.
  • When you exfoliate the skin it breathes better and moisturizers penetrate deeper into the skin layers. Pretty cool huh?

Benefits of Bathing

And again, chances are we all know how relaxing a warm tub can be especially after a really good workout or stressful day.

But do you know all the reasons why?

The benefits of soaking in a bath include things you probably weren’t aware of.

  • They can elevate your mood. From a psychological standpoint, bathing can diminish feelings of depression and anxiety because the warm water replicates one of our most primal places of safety: the womb. Bathing gives us a place of quiet, isolation, and comfort that a shower just can’t do.
  • Bathing helps to promote sleep. Not only does it relax the body but the process of getting out of the bath helps to stimulate melatonin production (that’s the sleep hormone). Our body’s core temperature drops at night which is one of the markers for melatonin production as part of our Circadian cycles. This is why science states sleeping in a cold room is best for sleep. When you exit a hot bath, the temperature from warm to cold instigates melatonin production.
  • The warmth from the bath increases blood circulation which in turn eases sore muscles, reduce blood pressure, aid in fighting viruses, and soothes irritated skin as well.

All of these benefits can be found just from sitting in a bath of warm water. Makes you want to go get in the tub right now, doesn’t it?

Benefits of Epsom Salt and Oats

But Epsom salt and oats further amplify these benefits. According to the Epsom Salt Council, magnesium from the Epsom salt will reduce inflammation, help with overall cell function and blood flow for suppler skin, relax muscles, improve sleep quality, detoxify, and reduce stress.

Likewise, oats further reduce skin irritation and has moisture-retaining properties. Oats have been shown to help reduce itchiness and ease skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema. Got an infant with diaper rash? Or how about a kid with poison ivy? Put them in a bath of oats!

So not only does this works wonders on making your skin look amazing but it also supports your health in general.

Tips to Making and Using This Salt Scrub Recipe

Making an oat and Epsom salt scrub is very easy and quick. All you need is rolled oats (not quick cooking), Epsom salt, coconut oil (or another oil if you prefer), an essential oil or blend, and a coffee grinder.

Unless you plan to immediately use it, I’d recommend keeping the coconut oil out of the mix until you are. There are two primary reason for this.

  1. If you are like me, I keep my house around 70F. If you mix all the ingredients together, the coconut oil will solidify while it sits. Talk about a pain in the butt to scoop out! (If you do run into this problem, put the jar in a warm water bath until the oil loosens up a bit. Or, use an oil that doesn’t solidify like sweet almond, avocado, or olive oil.)
  2. The oats do have a tendency to soak up the oil when it sits overnight. If you plan to use it as a scrub, you’ll need to add just a little more oil to get the consistency you want.

These solutions do work but it’s just much easier to leave the oil out.

Plus, you may not want to soak with the coconut oil. I love to soak with coconut oil in the water but not everyone does. If you plan to use it only as a soak, you have the option to leave the oil out.

Lastly, if you plan to give this away as a homemade gift there’s a really cool way you can do that. Mix everything but the coconut oil together in a jar and cap. Take a candy mold and pour the measured amount of coconut oil needed. Stick that in the fridge for 15 minutes. Pop the solid coconut oil out the mold and place those into another jar or bag. Not only does it look really cute, but you can make very easy to follow instructions.

Depending on what mold you use will dictate how many pieces you need for mixing the scrub. For example, one tablespoon of oil was about three stars from the mold I used. You need four tablespoons of coconut oil per 1/2 cup of the oatmeal/Epsom salt mix for a the body scrub.

If you’ve never used a body scrub before, here’s a really easy regime I use. Apply a little warm water and start with your feet and work your way up towards your heart using gentle pressure and circular rotations. Once you reach your midsection, skip up to your neck and use gentle circular motions going downwards. For the face, apply some warm water and, starting from your jaw, use very gentle circular motions going upwards.

When using face or body scrubs, you will need to apply a moisturizer to the skin after. If you are searching for a good body butter, I’ve got a Homemade Whipped Body Butter recipe that might be just what you are looking for. Likewise, it’s advised to avoid excessive amounts of sunlight, UV, and tanning beds for 24 hours after using a scrub.

If you would like to receive the full benefits from a body and face scrub, it is recommended that you exfoliate your skin two times a week. For the face, do not exfoliate more than three times. For extremely sensitive skin, consider using just oats with coconut oil (or other oil) for a face scrub. 

Looking for other zero/low waste DIY projects? You might want to check out my easy lip balm or whipped body butter!

If you give this recipe a try, I’d love to see your awesome creation! Leave a comment, rate it, and don’t forget to hashtag a photo on Instagram #sustainablesauceresses!

Or if you have any questions or feedback, you are always welcome to leave me a comment below. I’d really love to hear from you!

Oats and Epsom Salt Scrub and Soak Recipe

  • 1 cup Epsom salt
  • 1/2 cup rolled oats (old fashion)
  • 3/4 cup coconut oil (for scrub) or 1 tbsp. (for soak)
  • 5-15 drops of essential oil (lavender, rose, geranium, eucalyptus are personal favorites)


  • In a coffee grinder, grind the salt (if not fine grain already) and oats into a fine powder (about 5-10 seconds).
  • Place in a glass jar with the essential oils, seal, and shake well.
  • Add coconut oil when ready to use.*

Recipe Notes

For a scrub, mix 1/2 cup of oats and Epsom salt to 4 tablespoons of coconut oil.

For a soak, pour 1- 1 1/2 cup of oat/Epsom salt and one tablespoon of coconut oil (if desired).

If you would like to receive the full benefits from a body and face scrub, it is recommended that you exfoliate your skin two times a week.

* Alternatively, pour warm coconut oil into candy molds and place in the fridge for 10-15 minutes or until completely solid. Pop oil out of molds and place in a sealed container. Grab oil pieces as when needed. If you live in a warmer house (above 70F), it is suggested to stick them in the fridge.

*Caution* If you soak with the coconut oil just be extremely careful when you get out of the tub as the oil will make it very slippery.

Where to Buy?

This post contains affiliate links. When you click on one of these links we receive a small commission on any product(s) you buy at no extra cost to you. This helps to support our families and work on Sustainable Sauceresses and is greatly appreciated. For full details please see our affiliate disclosure.

Whenever possible, it is always a good practice to buy from a local store near you. Just please try to buy products packaged in glass instead of plastic. It’s even better to find it in bulk to reduce waste.

However, who you source from is just as important. So if you have to buy online, here are some companies that not only commit to fair trade and ethical business practices but also focus on sustainable sourcing.

For coconut oil:

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Happy Bathing!

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  • I really love taking care of my body especially my skin, recently I had skin reaction although i have gotten some medical cream to use and I have been really searching for what to use to have and maintain a beautiful skin . This post has really convince me on this recipe. Thanks for bringing me the best choice.

    • Hi Lok! Thanks so much for the visit!

      I’m glad your skin problem is getting better. Depending on what it was, oats might help that out. Oats are known for calming skin irritation and other skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema plus the moisturizing properties can further help. 

      Oat is a natural remedy for poison ivy, hives, shingles, sunburns, and even chickenpox too. I was one of those kids that got the chickenpox twice. I remember my mother giving me oat baths during that time and it was the only way I could sleep as my chickenpox were really bad.

      I really hope you enjoy this recipe! Please let me know how it goes for you. Likewise, if you have any questions, I’m here to help!

      Take care, Tina

  • Nice one

    I love the idea of a product being able to do body and face scrubs and bath soak for relaxation. It’s a way to save money. I’m not a lover of face and body scrubs, I’m more of a bath soak guy. I like the feeling it gives to my body. It’s like the best way to relax for me. 

    • Hi Dhayours! Thank you so much!

      I’m slowly getting into scrubs myself. I just always had such bad experiences with scrubs when I was buying them and it never got added to my bathing habits. At least not until recently.

      I’m with you on the soaks! My ideal bathroom has one of the footed tubs in it just for baths. I love them that much!

      I really hope you give this recipe a try! Please let me know how it works out for you. Also, if you have any questions please let me know.

      Take care, Tina

  • I am a great fan of oats, I love making it into porridge for breakfast. It’s interesting to learn so much more about oats. I like face scrubs and baths, this is a new one for me. Mixing coconut oil and Epsom salt into oats. With all the benefits you have listed in this post, I will definitely be giving it a try. 

    • Hi Juliet! Thank you so much!

      I really love my oats too. I’ve been on this kick of making a savory oat breakfast things for a few months now and I’m still not tired of it yet. It also keeps me full so much longer than other breakfast dishes and has so many good things for you. 

      Just grind everything really well before you put it in the bath. The finer the oats the more benefits you’ll get from it. I’ve started making a habit of taking at least one night to soak with this recipe. It not only has made my skin look and feel so much better but it is helping my sleep too!

      Please let me know what you think of this oats and Epsom salt scrub! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

      Take care, Tina

  • Thank you for this great piece of skincare post, just like you I also have a highly sensitive skin and I don’t feel cool using scrub that hardy or abrasive. I like your review of the oat Epsom and salt scrub, it is easy to prepare and that can be done with simple ingredients. Do I need to add lavender or rose oil in large quantities? 

    • Hi Clement! Thanks so much for the visit!

      You don’t need to add much essential oil to the recipe at all. Depending on your sensitivity I’d recommend using between 5-15 drops. Maybe start out at 5 drops and see how that works for you. You can always add more. Luckily, lavender and rose oil are both great for sensitive skin so I don’t imagine you will have too much trouble with those.

      I really hope you give this recipe a try! If you have any further questions please let me know. Also, I would love any feedback!

      Thanks again, Tina

  • It is so important for us to take care of our bodies both from inside and out. I always like seeing these natural ingredients for skincare. I have to be honest, as a man i do not take care of my skin the way i a  suppose to but seeing natural remedies like this makes me realize its really not that hard. Thanks so much for sharing this recipe  with us, i will be waiting for more.

    • Hi Jamiro! Thanks so much for visiting my post!

      Yes, I have noticed men in general usually don’t pamper themselves as much as they probably should. We all need to take a timeout, right? 

      But people, in general, tend to neglect their skin as a whole. I guess people just don’t realize how much we absorb through our skin. Because of that, I like to keep all my bath and beauty products as simple and natural as possible. And in the case of this oat and Epsom salt scrub and soak, it is not at all that hard to do!

      I really hope you try this recipe out soon! It takes less than 10 minutes to make and it is perfect for right after a good workout or stressful day. I’ve used it both situations and it was exactly what I needed.

      If you have any questions, please let me know! Likewise, I would love to hear what you think of it!

      Thanks again, Tina

  • Wow thanks for this amazing recipe to help people relax in the tub. Now while I personally probably won’t use this, I know my wife will love it.

    Also I like the fact that this scrub bath uses all natural ingredients — and that it don’t cost a lot to make.

    Have you personally used this recipe before, and if so how did it make you feel afterwards?

    • Hi Michael! Thanks for visiting my post and taking the time to talk with me.

      I always test out every recipe I post up here so I have indeed tried this recipe myself. I loved it! As a scrub, it is very gentle for the skin and I can even use it on my face. As a soak, I just added the dry ingredients to the bath with one star of coconut oil. Both ways made my skin incredibly soft and smooth. 

      I also slept incredibly well that night. Normally I wake up at least once around 4 am and usually have a hard time going back to sleep. That time I slept through the entire night and felt amazing the next day.

      I really hope you guys give this recipe a try! If you (or your wife) have any further questions about this recipe please let me know. I would also love to hear what you think!

      Thanks again, Tina

  • Thank you for sharing with us ¨OAT AND EPSOM SALT SCRUB (AND SOAK) RECIPE – FOR BEATIFUL SKIN +HEALTH¨. Since you asked for my favorite scrubs and soaks, I would like your opinion on Oatmeal baths.As your particular brand, these baths are known for their soothing properties. Also like yours, these bath salts contain skin-loving ingredients like Epsom salt and oat extract. The only added ingredient is colloidal oatmeal, which is not rough or abrasive and makes a soothing addition to your recipe.First, colloidal oatmeal is added to the Epsom salt and mixed in thoroughly, and then the liquid ingredients are mixed together and added to the dry. To use, add several tablespoons of the salt mixture directly to hot bath water. Also, as in your case, it can be used as a body scrub

    • Hi Enrique! Thanks for visiting my post!

      Are you asking me what I think of oatmeal baths in general? 

      I think they are great by themselves. As I wrote in another comment, I had really bad chickenpox when I was a kid and oatmeal baths were what my mother did to help relieve my discomfort. The great thing about oat baths is anyone can use them. Oats are gentle enough to bath even a newborn.

      As far as any particular brand, I wouldn’t know much. I’ve never bought pre-made soaks since they are so easy to make myself. I’ve not used oat extract but colloidal oats are just finely ground rolled oats. 

      I hope this helps! If you have any further questions please let me know. 

      Thanks again, Tina

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